Here’s the working list of published, unpublished and work-in-progress games of our resident designer, Ronald Villaver.

Impact Financial (Searching for Publisher)


A stock market game with a social impact twist. Play as budding investment managers of the firm Impact Financial. Trade stocks from prominent industries in the market, contribute to local and international charity and social impact organizations and accomplish missions set forth by the company. Even learn simple but valuable real-life skills in investing in stocks. In the end players win not by just being the wealthiest player but the one who has made the most significant impact.


Quotes & Verses

Q&V a game about sharing

Q&V a game about sharing

Designed and released 2015. Q&V is made for sharing. Its a fun and easy way to ease people into making conversation about personal struggles and successes. Use Verses from the Bible or Quotes from wise people. End of the day, its friendship that wins.



A political satire card game. The COH that has a purpose. So that people talk about the issues. People talk about where they stand in a safe and friendly setting. Stay relevant and keep up, its a game that will burst into boisterous laughter and serious thought.