Quotes & Verses is a game designed by Ronald Villaver and published by Ludus Distributors. Q&V is focused on sharing. Perfect tool for small groups to engage and connect quickly. Many leaders, builders, pastors and priests already use this game to create meaningful gaming moments in their ministry.

How to play:

  1. The leader shuffles all the 3 types of cards into their respective piles. Blue Idea cards, Pink Quotes cards and Purple Verse cards.
  2. The leader then draws an Idea and shares a personal story about that idea.
  3. The rest of the group will then take turns playing either a Verse or Quote card in their hand. To play a card, the player must explain their reflection as to why they chose that card and how that Quote or Verse applies to the Leader’s story. These can be done as a form of advice, learning, observation or simply affirmation for the Leader’s personal story.
  4. Once everyone has taken their turn playing their card and sharing their response reflection, the Leader for the round chooses the sharing that he or she liked the most. The leader awards a point to that player taken from the token pool.
  5. The person to the Leader’s left is the new leader for the next round.
  6. Players play until everyone has taken their turn as the leader.
  7. Players with the most points win.

You can check out our podcast to hear actual play of the game. If you enjoyed your game of Q&V, we would love to hear about it! Share your stories in our facebook page: ScripturedYou.

The game is available in all major National Bookstores, Powerbooks and Neutral Grounds stores in the Philippines!